Hello, Molly

Attention: Please read this sentence aloud: Hello, Molly. If you read it out loud as I instructed, you should be safe. If you read it in your head… Molly is now safe, too. Inside your head.


25 thoughts on “Hello, Molly”

  1. Ha, Molly can have fun with the 6 other twisted assholes that already live inside this body. If she lasts an hour, then she get’s a cookie. Doubt it, though.

  2. ok this is fucked up i tink i heared a noise i said it first outloud but then i saw the whole pasta and heared that noise , Weee im fucked up now ._.

  3. Well great Molly, have fun with the guy and girl fighting over this body, as well as the voices, the writer, the gamer, and all the other fuck-tards.

  4. Molly, enjoy your stay but I doubt you’ll last inside. Bob and Mary do not like strangers inside my head so I suggest you move out quickly. But if you do survive, you’ll have to deal with my dirty and demented mind. A life of abuse is not good for the mind. Hehe~

  5. Hello, Molly enjoy your stay but I will only give you 5 mins inside my mind since I have evil thoughts, dirty mind(Hentai), and demented thoughts(Grusome kills from Gears). Like the girl from Yume Nikki I will kill you(Molly) with the knife effect. Time is running molly better get out in 5 mins or else something bad will happen. btw did I mentioned about the wars in my head??? Kills in that war like in Gears of War??? You time is starting now???

  6. Hey, Molly. I’m schizophrenic, I’ve got about 4 other people inside of me! They’ll like you just fine! There’s Adam, the cowboy, Mason, the brit, Alma, the strict nanny, and Emma, the little girl. Then there’s Collin, but we don’t like to talk about him. Stay away from him, Molly.

  7. molly, nice to meet you! you cant really hurt me, simply because i have spent years creating something you might call, a universe. i call it home. in my home, i am god. and you are my bitch.

    1. Molly hope you have fun with Sebastian,Alex,and Jeffery 🙂 do you want to be my new imaginary friend? Just leave a note somewhere in my house.

  8. hello molly. welcome to my head and my world.
    i hope you don’t mind the company of god knows how many psychopathic others in my head.

    by the way, don’t blink. good luck.

  9. he shall be in a place……Its not a nice place…………………………………….I can’t till anyone what is in there cause if anyone knows……….I can’t have anyone to know, because if ya’ll did I can’t allow ya’ll to walk away with this info….SO I WOULD HAVE TO KEEP YOU WITH ME AND MOLLY
    I give Molly 5 sec to leave, other people has lives in my head and don’t like new people.I have to tell the others to keep her alive, but they don’t listen anyway, also the true me that lives in my head would like to see who is this molly. So they have no choice to keep her alive or else they are disobeying my true self’s orders……..and my true self don’t like it when they disobey her orders……..But there is know worries cause she know they won’t disobey my true self, once Molly meets my true self then the fun begins
    oh and Molly should stay away from S. she is my true self…………S. does want to meet her but she should stay away, we don’t like to talk about S.

  10. Molly have fun with Sebastian and Alex okay they are very nice 🙂 can you be my new imaginary friend? Just leave me a note

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