Poor ol’ Dave

On top of a hill
inside a cave
lay the grave
of Poor ol’ Dave
poor ol’ Dave had wooden feet
porcelain hands and ivory teeth
he was never alive like you or me
his eyes are dead as coal, you see?
but that never stopped that poor ol’ Dave
from crawling up from his rotten grave
into the town at night he’d sneak
under those windowsills he’d creep
Clickity-clack Tippity-tap
those children knew ol’ Dave was there
and wet themselves in feared despair
never a word or look they’d peep
nor until day of light they’d sleep
most were lucky, others would cry
as they looked upon his eyes
he’d grin so wide and disappear
the child would cry aloud in fear
but no my child.. its much too late
those tiny hands would touch your face..
Clickity-clack Tippity-tap

2 thoughts on “Poor ol’ Dave”

    1. The author protests that Dave was buried within the earth, inside the cave on top of the hill. This is to give the reader the idea that Dave emerges from the earth. Which is also referenced in the line, “his eyes are dead as coal”, coal being from the cave.

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