Plague Doctor

Tell your friends and tell your family. It is time for us all to make plague doctor costumes. Everyone needs to build these and walk around their city/township at night scaring the bejeezes out of everyone.

It is not necessary to speak, just wander. Stand outside and stare into the windows of local shops while people are buying items. Stay in dimly lit areas, behind bushes or fences. Allow certain people to see you but only for a moment and find ways to dodge out of view by using the terrain or the city as your camoflauge.

Here is a visual tutorial on how to create your own mask(and some extra plague doctor images):

52 thoughts on “Plague Doctor”

  1. Totally awesome. I might be making a plague doctor outfit for a visual project in my Western Civ class and this is perfect. 8D

  2. kinda remind me of the mask tengu would wear very interesting. i would think it would be something worn during mardi gras or an orgy but this is just me lol!

  3. Thanks for an awesome tutorial. finished mine today. added a few things like glass lens filters for the glasses and a different paint job. took about 5 days to complete. now what to do with it.. i think ill go walk around the neighborhood at night and see what happens 😉

    Pic –

  4. That’s kind of off. Plague Doctors were brave people, who were one of the few that actually dared to help people infected with the black death. Seems a bit of a sack to scare people with a costume.

    Oh who am I kidding, if they didn’t want us to imitate them they shouldn’t have chosen such cool outfits.

  5. That show “Adventure Time” used this in one of their episodes.

    Cartoon Network is officially gold-level again.

  6. Wonderful. Really wonderful, it’s exactly what I sought !!

    Don’t you have any idea how have been made goggles on the second pic ?

    Thanks a lot 🙂

  7. It’s also possible to buy these things on the net somewhere if one’s incredibly lazy and willing to pay for such things… but a great guide ^^ Pity not many people would be scared by this around here 😦

  8. Im seriously going to start a project on this, Always been facinated by these Docter Costumes.

    ~Thank you for sharing this, Greeting from Norway !

  9. The instructions are amazing thank you, however i was wondering where you got the wide brim hat and cowl thing? Did you make them yourself, and if so is there a post on that as well?

    1. to be honest i was wondering the same thing… i say your best best is to make the cowl your self and maybe find like a hat store and buy the hat your self

  10. Delightfully creepy, I am going to wear one to a Renaissance fair and see how many people get that I am not a LARPer, or maybe I’ll just poke fake corpses with the cane in my front yard this halloween…

  11. LOL i found this last year to be an awesome idea and though it was short notice to myself i did what i could but did not smooth it out right, yet it was perfect for my costume at the time. thanks and keep up the awesome job.

    next time it will be awesome

  12. I’m definitely going to try this, found it just in time for Halloween. Can anyone give any pointers on what kind of paint to use to give it that old dirty weathered look? I’m also entertaining the notion of covering mine with some sort of dark brown leathery material…

  13. This is great so glad I found this, I am doing a fashion show and wanted my models to all wear masks, thanks for sharing this great tutorial.

  14. Or you could just stitch it together out of old-fashioned leather. Still need superglue for the spectacles, though!

  15. many thanks for your help- I’m a tour guide at a a historic castle and needed a suitably historic but still creepy costume for our halloween tours. Luckily we already had a black hooded monks robe and a puritan hat in the costume store but the mask had to be made from scratch. Slightly odd but i mixed some squeezed out tea bags and soya sauce to the white paint to help create the ‘aged’ look to the paint which cracked beautifully. costume pics here-

  16. i was wondering, is there an easier way to make the beak? i attempted this but the beak fell apart on me twice.. any sugestions?

  17. I made this for 2011 Halloween night and it was the talk around the bars, heads turned and it was awesome. One girl tried to give me facts about the plague doctors, “lighten up woman its just a costume have some fun with that boring life of urs.” I knew more then her though when it came to facts made her seem like an ass 😀

  18. I might were this to comic-con as an Assassin’s Creed doctor.
    One thing, how can I put the fact that I have glasses in.


    check this guy out for a series on making a leather mask. Depending on your skills with crafts and leather, this could be an alternative

  20. Interested into talking with the artist of the picture of the doctor in the field. I am interested in talking with your about art for a music project. Please and thank you.

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